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This year the COP 28 will take place from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai. After the last world climate conference fell short of some expectations, the decision to hold it in the United Arab Emirates in 2023 is not without controversy: After all, the Gulf states already have advocated for a renaissance of fossil fuels in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The path to COP 28 and the German and European role in it will be interesting: What progress is emerging in the reform of the World Bank and other financial institutions? What shape will the new Loss & Damages Fund take? Will the U.S. and China once again become the engines of negotiation? How will geopolitics play into the game? How does the race for green subsidies between the U.S., China and the EU affect politics?

Climate.Table Editor in Chief Bernhard Pötter talks about these questions with Jennifer Morgan, the State Secretary and Special Representative for International Climate Policy at the German Foreign Office.

Procedure & Guiding Questions:

12:00 pm - Welcome

  •   Bernhard Pötter, Editor in Chief, Climate.Table

12:05 pm - Table.Talk “Roadmap to COP28”

  • Jennifer Morgan, State Secretary and Special Representative for International Climate Policy at the German Foreign Office.
  • Moderation: Bernhard Pötter, Editor in Chief, Climate.Table

Virtual Impulses: “What do you expect from German and European Climate Politics on the road to COP 28?” (3 Minute Impulse)

  • Dr Saleemul Huq, Director, International Center for Climate Change
  • Sabine Nallinger, Vorständin, Klimawirtschaft,
  • Lutz Weischer, Head of Policy Berlin, Germanwatch

Guiding Questions:

  • How strong is the climate signal among geopolitical tensions? Can there be Cooperation in the face of controversy?
  • How does the race for new Green Markets impact the talks? IRA/Green Deal/China´s renewable policy?
  • What new role for a global financial system, what is the future of the Loss & Damage Fund?

12:55 pm - Wrap-up                                                                         

  • Bernhard Pötter, Editor in Chief, Climate.Table

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