Unlocking 100% renewable electricity in Africa and elsewhere

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Transitioning to and establishing electricity systems based on 100% renewable energy sources is a crucial step towards limiting global emissions. Co-authored with the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance, our fact sheet provides an overview of the components needed to build such a system. Focusing on the needs of African countries, we shed light on their opportunities as well as potential challenges on the path to 100% renewable electricity systems. We also analyse two case studies of countries that are close to reaching 100% renewable electricity, which serve as best practice models for African countries to follow.

The fact sheet addresses African civil society groups and platforms working on renewable energy, including national and regional non-governmental organisations as well as small businesses, women's groups, youth groups, and other stakeholders in the energy transition.

Leonie Beaucamp, Eugene Nforngwa
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Policy Advisor – Renewable Energy and Hydrogen

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Head of Division – International Climate Policy