Blogpost | 24 April 2024

Germany, Poland, and France: Recasting a Green Weimar Triangle

Flaggen von Polen, Deutschland und Frankreich

The current geopolitical context is pushing the Weimar Triangle of France, Germany, and Poland to prioritise defence and security. NGOs, think tanks, and businesses argue that a ‘Green Weimar Triangle’ could not only safeguard achieving the EU climate goals but also address critical issues of economic competitiveness and cohesion.

News | 22 April 2024

Germany, Poland, and France: The Weimar Triangle needs to turn green

Open letter to the French, German and Polish Ministers of Climate and Environment and Ministers Foreign Affairs
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The EU’s ability to enact ambitious climate policies relies on effective leadership and demonstrated commitment from influential Member States. Representatives from leading think tanks, environmental NGOs, businesses, and scientific institutions in France, Germany, and Poland, are calling for the establishment of a 'Green Weimar Triangle' to renew trilateral climate dialogue among the three countries.

News | 16 April 2024

A historic day for climate mitigation

European Court of Human Rights rules on climate cases
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The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) makes legal history with its landmark rulings on three climate litigation cases. The court made clear that climate change poses a major threat to human rights as protected by the Human Rights Convention. Every state is responsible for safeguarding the lives of its citizens from the climate crisis. A precedent that has an impact on all EU member states, including Germany. An analysis by Roda Verheyen and Gerd Winter.

COP28 Debrief

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At the 28th climate negotiations in Dubai, the global community heralded the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era. In the long term, all signatory states want to phase out coal, oil, and gas. What else was decided? What were the breakthroughs? And which decisions are rather disappointing? The Germanwatch debrief reviews the conference.