Climate Laws in Europe

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Essential for achieving climate neutrality

This report gives an overview of the climate law situation in each of the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Some of the participant countries have a climate law, for some it is in the pipeline and for others it is a bottom up push from civil society.

Press Release | 28 April 2022

European Union: Rules for Batteries Should Cover Bauxite, Copper, Iron

Joint press release by Germanwatch and others: New Law Includes Obligation to Address Abuses in Battery Supply Chains

The European Union’s proposed batteries regulation should require importers and manufacturers to source the bauxite, copper, and iron used in batteries responsibly, a coalition of 16 organizations said today. The coalition includes Amnesty International, Earthworks, Finnwatch, Germanwatch, Human Rights Watch, Inclusive Development International, INKOTA, PowerShift, RAID, SOMO, and Transport & Environment, as well as human rights and environmental activists from producer countries.

News | 27 April 2022

Open letter to the legislators in the EU: The universal right to freely choose operating systems, software and services

Title page open letter

The European Union is in the process of redefining the ecodesign criteria for products in several legislative proposals. Together with 37 European organisations and companies, Germanwatch publishes an open letter calling on legislators in the EU to make use of the historic chance by introducing the universal right to install any software on any device, including full access to hardware.

News | 03 March 2022

Joint Declaration from French and German NGOs on the reform of the EU Fiscal Rules

The Stability and Growth Pact is unfit to deal with the climate and biodiversity crisis and to deliver the European Green Deal. It does not take into account the risks and the impacts of climate change, and they do not promote investments in favour of the green and just transition, as they only focus on economic growth. The European fiscal and budgetary rules must be adjusted. For that, a Green Golden Rule securing green spending and incentivising Member States to invest heavily in the green transition must find a way into the fiscal and budgetary rules.

News | 02 March 2022

Solidarity with the people of Ukraine

What Russia's war means for the work of Germanwatch in Ukraine and our partners on the ground

Also for us at Germanwatch, 24 February 2022 has been a watershed. Since that day, war is raging just 800 kilometres from Berlin. Europe's peace order has been fundamentally called into question. A country is invading its neighbour. As we write this, the Russian army is marching towards the Ukrainian coal towns in the Donbass, towns which we at Germanwatch have been working intensively with ever since 2017.

News | 21 February 2022

Putting sustainable food and livestock on the agenda of the UN Environment Assembly

Joint statement by more than 150 organisations ahead of UNEA-5.2

From 28 February to 2 March, the United Nations Environment Programme will host the next Environment Assembly. In a joint statement today, more than 150 organisations from all continents, including Germanwatch, call for sustainable food systems to be a core issue of the Assembly, with a particular focus on animal husbandry.

G7 in 2022: Five areas for advancing climate finance

Titelseite Publikation

The leading industrialised countries have a particular responsibility to address the climate crisis – but they failed to meet their former commitments. The German G7 presidency now offers the opportunity to take important steps towards a new paradigm for climate finance. Against that backdrop, this policy brief formulates five key asks to the G7 governments.

News | 17 February 2022

"How to become a global climate champion"

Podcast with Dan Jørgensen (Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities) and Lutz Weischer (Head of Policy Berlin Germanwatch)
Podcast "Planet A." with Lutz Weischer

Lutz Weischer - Head of Policy Berlin Germanwatch - talks with the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jørgensen about climate champions, international policy and the Climate Change Performance Index. Planet A is a podcast on climate change.